Welcome to Afro Whale Shark Safari, my name is Afro. I am a local guide born on Mafia Island and the proud owner of Afro Whale Shark Safari. We provide and promote tours on Mafia Island. Swimming with Whale Sharks is one of the trips we organize for tourists, apart from that we organize other activities.  come and enjoy our experience.
Mafia has had a prominent place in the history of the East Coast of Africa, as it was a safe haven for ships to stop for water and for repairs; Mafia was part of the sultanate of Kilwa and prospered as a settlement during Kilwa’s rise as an economic power. The island lies across the trade routes from the Gulf and has seen Egyptian, Omani, Greco-Roman, Chines, Portuguese, English and German occupation.
Mafia is a beach and ocean wonderland. There is excellent snorkelling and diving within the Bay, especially at the outer islets near Kinasi Pass – the entrance to Chole Bay. It is a short boat ride to reach the coral gardens. All snorkelling and diving activities inside Chole Bay are tide-dependent to avoid strong currents and obtain the best visibility.
 There are scheduled flights from Dar Es salaam. Charter flight are also available from Dar Es salaam, Zanzibar and other towns in Tanzania (2) There are also vehicles trans from Dar Es Salaam at Mbagala country bus terminal to Nyamisati port, where there is a regular boat to mafia island.
1. WHALE SHARK          
  the whale shark is not a whale; it is, rather, the world’s largest fish, growing as long as 60 feet. It is widely distributed, found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas, except the Mediterranean. As it swims, it sucks water through its gargantuan mouth, as wide as 5 feet, then filters out plankton and other microscopic organisms through its gills. It is an extremely patient feeder.  Individuals have been observed waiting as long as 14 hours for fish to spawn on reefs in order to eat the eggs. Whale sharks migrate long distances according to food availability and water temperature. One specimen was tracked 8,000 miles across the Pacific.

The season in mafia island start October to end of February, the best time to swimming and watching them November,January,February but you have to know all the season is not same.

         what to bring:
Sun cream, extra T-shirt, towel, camera (as well waterproof), and swimming suit.
If you want, feel free to bring your own snorkeling gears.

   time to planing 
      we will come to pick up  you at your stay at 7:00am to whale shark zone(kilindoni mafia capital) and our tour will start 7:30a,How long our tour will take depend on whale shark and code of conduct.

Snorkeling and relaxing are fun activities to view the marine life without scaring them. You will get the opportunity to see different marine life  which can be reached even by less expert swimmers.
3.Flight Booking

Afro whale shark foundation         
The foundation for Kilindoni was started in 2014 in Afro Whale Shark Safari. It is ran by the local people of Kilindoni and the aim is to provide opportunities for visitors to visit local schools and Swahili houses. Visitors can participate in various environmental conservation initiatives, for example tree planting and respecting whale shark rights. Tourists can also experience the friendly culture of the Swahili people in Kilindoni (Mafia Island, Tanzania) and help children locally. We believe that every people should have the opportunity to participate in environmental conservation because is the best way to create good environment. The most important thing is for children to attend primary school, as a starting point. We are convinced that education is the best way to educate people about environmental conservation, and this must be done starting with children. It is well understood that poor uneducated children grow up to be poor uneducated adults. Help us to help people of Mafia Island to participate in various environment conservation initiatives, like planting trees, to educate people to respect whale shark rights. You can get involved! Opportunities are available to sponsor a child or deliver school kits to children in Kilindoni. If you would like to donate, this is also possible. If you want to get involved in the foundation, after whale shark watching you will get to visit a local school and you will get the chance to teach a child if you would like to do that. We decided to create the foundation here to give local people the chance to be benefited from your coming
How we get money in foundation. We get money through your whale shark watching with us

WHAT YOU CAN BRING TO US • Exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers etc • A basic textbook and a dictionary

Thanks and welcome in our experience.
  • Also you can book our activities through your accommodation

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